Construction & Engineering

Difficulties in collecting building fees and claims from site accidents always occur in the construction and engineering industry. These problems are mainly caused by the lack of protection from building contracts or without protective terms in such contracts, which leads to increasing disputes.

Sub-contracting is the normal practice of the construction industry. Disputes between main contractors and sub-contractors easily arise under this practice, especially for the employment issues.

Site accidents are very common in the construction industry. Injured workers who are employed by sub-contractors would claim for reimbursement from main contractors if their requests were rejected  by the sub-contractor.

In this regard, a series of legal service packages are designed by Huen’s to solve the above issues. Those tailor-made commercial contracts that are specialized for the construction industries, litigation and arbitration are included in our packages. With solicitors bearing professional qualifications in Building and Quantity Surveying, Huen’s can offer the most accurate and comprehensive legal advice to you.

Health & Beauty

The most common concerns in Health and Beauty are labour disputes, such as confidential company information being stolen by ex-staff and hence affecting the corporate image together with company profit. To solve this problem, protective terms about company assets and related claims must be included in the employment contract.

On the other hand, most of the clients’ injuries are the result of employees’ negligence in the beauty industry. The injured clients would then submit related claims to the employers. With strong experience in dealing with these cases, we have the confidence to help you fight for your interests.

In order to avoid accidents, ordinary monitoring is an essential element, in addition to training and this is the responsibility of employer. If it is found that accident occurrence is due to the lack of superior monitoring, the employer needs to bear the responsibility and corresponding claims.

The objective of Huen’s is to provide all-round solution to our clients. This is also implied from our slogan, “Solution, not options”. To solve fully the above problem, internal management, system infrastructure and sufficient training are needed. Huen’s has different affiliates available to offer you these professional services, which can save your time in consolidating these data.


The most common legal problem for Hong Kong enterprises is debt collection, which includes the trading industry. According to our experience, the bad debt of some of our trading clients is more than 50% of their gross income. This serious bad debt not only affects the company’s cash flow; it also influences the company’s overall financial status, and hence the company does not have the capacity to glow or expand easily.

At Huen’s, we can help you settle bad debt through litigation, and, more importantly, assist you to prevent bad debt. For instance, you can safeguard your property or interest by preparing tailor made buy-sell agreements with protective terms. Moreover, to simplify the process of dunning for the debt, the quotation or invoice should include detailed payment terms.


The development of the Hong Kong logistics industry is in a fast pace recently. As business keeps expanding, issues including legal problems are also increasing, such as accidents at the work site.

Driver is a work group that accounts for a high proportion among employees in the logistics industry. For this work type, traffic accidents between China and Hong Kong occasionally occur during their work time. Following an accident, employers suffer from the claims of injured staff and from damaged merchandise especially. The case is more complicated if it occurs in China, with the time for claiming reimbursement even longer.

In such difficult situations, Huen’s can assist you in getting the most appropriate solution for your case.


As the Hong Kong economy has been blooming during recent years, Hong Kong enterprises have started to take intellectual property rights more seriously than before. Registration of product designs and patents have come to be popular, as many newly designed products are continuously developed. After registration, the design and patent owner can request claims to recover losses, once infringement is found.

Other than intellectual property, protective terms in manufacturing and buy-sell agreements are missed by many small and medium enterprises. Without non-disclosure terms to protect clients’ own interests in manufacturing agreements, they cannot have any claims when infringement is found. For buy-sell agreements, the occurrence of bad debts would increase if terms are not defined in detail.

At Huen’s, our comprehensive legal packages include all drafting of commercial contracts and registration of relevant intellectual property. With a reasonable price, you can enjoy an all-round legal service.


Most of the local manufacturing factories have moved to Mainland China, while management staff remains in Hong Kong. If there are legal issues arising during manufacturing procedures in China, such as employment issues or debt collection, most of them need to refer to the China lawyer. Though Hong Kong is part of China following the handover in 1997, the laws under these two countries are still different. With various culture and language differences between Hong Kong and China, the management team in Hong Kong always needs to spend much time in communications.

In this regard, Huen’s has set up the China Practice Department and China legal packages to handle all China related cases. Clients can solve their legal problems in Hong Kong and China at the same time. On the one hand, our registered China lawyers have strong experience in communicating with Hong Kong clients; on the other hand, with some of our solicitors bearing professional qualification in China law, this shortens the communication barrier so as to facilitate the understanding of each case.