Corporate and Commercial



Running a business is an art of balancing risks and returns. Its success depends on precise calculation and insight. Having a well drafted and written contract with your instructions on terms in your favour can definitely serve you the best protection that you can have in your business bargains and dealings.

Our Department is determined to assist you in minimizing your risks and securing reasonable returns to you through reviewing, approving and drafting all commercial contracts under your instructions. To meet your tight schedule, we strive for completing your tasks efficiently within the minimum time frame insofar as reasonably practicable. We can accommodate your special and ad hoc requests to handle your instructions promptly.

The scope of our Department’s services include mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, shareholder’s agreements, franchise arrangements, technology transfer, intellectual property, company restructuring and financing. We trust our experienced professional team can assist you in business development.

Commercial contracts

Every company needs various contracts to protect their interest. Our solicitors have dealt with many commercial contracts. With this experience, we have confident to help you earning the competitive edge in this ever changing world.

Type of contracts included:

  • Employment agreement
  • Shareholders’ agreement
  • Buy-sell agreement
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Loan agreement
  • Franchise agreement
  • Sponsorship agreement
  • Agency agreement
  • Collaboration agreement
  • Consultancy agreement
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Asset Purchase agreement
    • Option agreement to acquire shares
    • Sale and purchase of business and assets
    • Joint venture agreement
  • Computer Agreement
    • Hardware rental & maintenance agreement
    • Terms for software development
    • Technical support agreement
    • Sales agreement for computer
    • Software license & technical support agreement

Employment and Labour

From our professionalism and experience, we found that employment disputes are the most common conflicts in Hong Kong. The most effective way is to prevent before the disputes appear. We have professional expertise in dealing every kind of employment issues. Services included:

  • Drafting of employment contract
  • Reviewing employment contract
  • Employment litigation
  • Equal opportunities litigation
  • Application of business visa
  • Mandatory Provident Fund arrangement and advice
  • Trade secret and restrictive convenant application

Other Corporate Services

  • Buying and selling of a private company
  • Mortgage of shares
  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Company secretarial services
    • Formation of company
      • Ready-made Hong Kong company
      • Ready-made BVI company
      • Tailor-made Hong Kong company
      • Tailor-made Overseas company
    • Alteration of authorized share capital
    • Company meetings
      • General meetings
      • Board meetings
    • Company Directors/ Secretaries/ Auditor
      • Appointment
      • Resignation
      • Removal
      • Alternate/ Substitute
      • Loans to directors
    • Company Compliances
      • Transfer of shares
      • Change of Memorandum and Articles of Association
      • Registered office
      • Annual return
      • De-registration
    • Credit & Finance
      • Guarantee
      • Facility
      • Debenture
      • Novation
      • Promissory note
      • Debt assignment
      • Debt acknowledge
      • Charge Property (Equipment)
      • Lease agreement
      • Deposit and charge over secretaries
      • Guarantee for supplying goods
      • Loan agreement
      • Finance lease