Building and Construction


The most common legal problems in the construction industry are building contract claims and claims from accidents at work. In addition to normal litigation procedures, arbitration is another way of tackling these specific problems. Based on the client’s need on these areas, our professional team includes solicitors who have qualifications in building, surveying and arbitration, so that we can provide an all-round legal service to you.

Building contracts claim

Comparing to other industries, construction industry has much more parties (such as contractor, main and sub-contractor) and complicated details involved in each project. Generally speaking, sub-contractors are employed by main contractor, and construction contract is always the commitment between contractor and main-contractor which may not include all relevant parties. Therefore, disputes among sub-contractors may be raised out.

The most common cases in Huen & Partners are building contracts claim and disputes. In order to provide more precise legal advice to our construction clients, we have solicitors with professional qualification of Chartered Builder and Chartered Surveyor.


Given that there is an agreement to solve the corporate dispute through arbitration in the contract; arbitration is another way to solve the dispute other than court litigation. The advantage is detailed information of the case would not be publicized. According to the revised “Arbitration Ordinance,” the arbitrator would have a much higher authority to settle any corporate dispute quickly and fairly.

Arbitration becomes a popular way to solve corporate dispute recently. For providing all-rounded legal services, we have solicitors with the knowledge and experience in arbitration and mediation.

Huen & Partners, Solicitors has dealt with countless civil litigation cases for many years. With 6 well-experienced solicitors and 10 supporting staffs in our litigation team, we have confidence to provide you an excellent service.